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The Objective

As a Managed Services Provider, our customer delivers super-fast business connectivity and cloud-hosted voice, data and network security solutions. They work with thousands of businesses from start-ups to multi-site corporations, simplifying technology for their customers and designing innovative solutions that deliver real value.

Many of the services provided form key parts of their customers' communication infrastructure and are therefore backed-up by SLA's that provide critical support around the clock.

The objective was to provide an out-of-hours support desk that ensured the customer experience outside of normal office hours was of the same high standard as during the day. Critical to this objective was ensuring that communication with the customer was frequent and kept them abreast of the fault resolution path.

Lemon's Solution

Leveraging our decades of experience in the telco sector and utilising industry best practice, the Lemon management team worked with the customer to map out a journey, from first call to fault resolution, that would exceed industry expectations.

Two main process flows were devised to manage a customer either reporting a new fault out-of-hours or requiring an update on an existing ticket. The customer journey was mapped out to ensure that the customer would be kept informed of the progress of a ticket raised and any updates that were made by the service provider, so to prevent the SLA stalling. To manage the process the Lemon operators would be required to liaise directly with third party providers and work on third party portals, such as the Strategic Imperatives WLR3 gateway.

Our mobilisation team worked closely with the customer to manage the implementation project step-by-step, ensuring the process mapping, system design and build, as well as operator training, was completed following an agreed timescale. All operators assigned to the service were already 'telco trained', meaning they had pre-existing experience and knowledge of the services, systems and processes being supported. Calls would only ever be handled by the telco trained operators and would never overflow to a wider, lower-skilled pool.

Following a successful mobilisation period the service and processes were tested during controlled windows, allowing live customer faults to be managed by the team. Once all processes had been tested and signed off by key stakeholders the service went live on an agreed date.

Integral to the solution was Lemon's experience working with third party providers, such as Openreach and Gamma, as well as WLR3 platforms, such as Union Street and Strategic Imperatives

Post go live, review meetings were scheduled to monitor the service throughout the initial landing phase. Following the first month, service review meetings were scheduled to ensure regular communication between the teams and management Information scheduled to be provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure all key stakeholders are aware of the service performance and therefore any issues can be quickly addressed at service review.

The Results

The objective was achieved and the customer is now able to confidently provide full 24/7 support coverage to its customer base to match their product SLA's.

Lemon's experience working in the telecoms industry made implementation painless, as the team already had the necessary knowledge to support the required services. Processes were designed to ensure that the customer journey was first class, with the customer being regularly updated with any changes to the fault status and the Lemon team liaising directly with third party providers and portals.

The success of the solution has meant that the customer has been able to compete for tenders that they would have otherwise avoided, as they are now confident that their 24/7 support will stand up to rigorous testing. This has lead to a number of high profile contract wins which has driven further growth for the business.

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