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We're committed to paying the real living wage, says Lemon boss

Lemon Business Solutions has committed to pay all of its staff the ‘real living wage’ or higher to cement its reputation as a great place to work in Tees Valley.

The business contact centre, based in Preston Farm, has joined national companies like IKEA, Burberry, Nestle and football teams Everton and Chelsea, to pay any employee over the age of 18 at least £9.50 per hour. The current statutory minimum wage is £8.36 per hour for those aged 21 to 23 and £8.91 per hour for people over 23 years old.

The Real Living Wage campaign was introduced by the Living Wage Foundation, and successfully petitioned the government to increase the minimum wage – now renamed the national living wage. However, it explains that the ‘real living wage’ is calculated based on what families need to live, rather than on estimated expected earnings.

Martin Anderson, CEO of Lemon Business Solutions, said: “Creating opportunities for our team is at the heart of our organisational values, and we’re dedicated to making Lemon a rewarding place to work.

“We’ve made a big financial commitment to pay the real living wage or higher for our agents who are out of probation, to ensure that their pay fairly reflects the amazing work and dedication that they put in to supporting our clients.

“I see no reason why all businesses who value their employees wouldn’t also commit to pay the real living wage. It is ultimately the right thing to do, but also makes business sense as employee satisfaction and customer service levels improve as a direct result.

“We hope to see more Tees Valley businesses follow suit and pledge to pay the real living wage and raise living standards across the region.”

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