Stockton Contact Centre says flexible working for all is core to workplace equality

Lemon Contact Centre in Stockton says that supporting a flexible working environment for men and women is key to promoting gender equality in the workplace this International Women’s Day.

The contact centre, based in Preston Farm, has always promoted being able to offer flexible shifts enabling both men and women the ability to work around their family and spouse’s employment commitments, due to 24/7 business hours.

It currently employs a 68.5 per cent female workforce, and founder, Lesley Wratten, confirms, this figure is due to the flexibility on offer with shifts and the friendly non-gender bias within the workplace.

Lesley said: “Enabling both women and men, who are primary carers for their children or other dependants, to work their shifts around their spouses’ work commitments, not only affords the household the additional monetary income, but also enables the individual to return to work.

“The benefits include the ability to socialise with work colleagues and the empowerment from being employed, to general well-being and self-confidence, and the opportunity to pave the way for a future career when the children have grown up.”

With three female senior leaders and a heavy percentage of female managers supervisors and team leaders, Lesley is proud that by supporting gender equality in the workplace has, without doubt, had a positive impact on the growth of the company and the opportunity for women to build a career alongside their family.

She said: “I remember the day I interviewed a mum of two young boys, about 14 years ago. She lived locally in Ingleby Barwick and was looking for a part time job to get back into work but required shifts to work around her family commitments – she’s now COO of the company! This makes me proud and a great example for International Woman’s Day”.

Equality for men and the ability to be the primary carer for dependants, whilst simultaneously working or expanding their career development, is another testament to the working patterns on offer at Lemon.

Lesley says: “The pandemic highlighted that some dads enjoyed the school run and want the flexibility to fit in the household duties around their work. Therefore, this push for equality can benefit everyone and make for a successful work-life balance.”

Lemon Contact Centre offers enhanced parental leave for time-served employees, work-based training for employees based on job role, and a range of full and part time job roles that range over a 24/7 shift basis to ensure that they get the best person for the job, regardless of gender.

Lemon Contact Centre provides outsourced multi-channel contact services to a range of customers and sectors across the UK from its base at Preston Farm, Stockton on Tees.

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