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Reduce your Switchboard Costs

Your internal switchboard can be expensive to run. When you add up the cost of the switchboard employee, PAYE, pension contributions, recruitment costs, management time, training, hardware & software, and then the office space, no wonder more and more UK companies are looking to outsource.

The impact that Covid-19 has had on the business world has only gone to expedite this trend. More and more businesses like yours are now looking at how to cut overheads and, with the increased move towards remote working, the outsourcing of switchboard services makes perfect sense.

This is where Lemon, one of the UK’s leading 24/7 outsource partners can help you. We have vast experience delivering switchboard services using our own in-house contact centre. We can pass on this expertise to you by providing a service that not only ensures all of your switchboard calls are answered quickly, but that the service your callers receive is bespoke and personal.

No level of detail will be left to chance, by integrating seamlessly with your systems, we can ensure that our switchboard operators have all the information they need at their fingertips to expertly handle your client calls, directing them to who they need to speak to or servicing questions about your business, including message taking and following your established procedures.

Our comprehensive service also includes a full management report suite so that you can keep on top of important key performance indicators, such as average answer time, handling duration and abandonment rates. We will also work with you to ensure that our quality framework dovetails with your business needs.

Lemon are also UKAS certified for ISO9001 and ISO27001, to give you assurance of the quality of our service and that your client data is always safe and secure.

We also work towards the ISO22301 standard for business continuity, so that you can also be reassured of the reliability of our service, even in the event of a further pandemic.

Interested in knowing more? All we need to provide an initial proposal is an idea of your call volume and we’ll do the rest. Speak to one of our switchboard specialists today to see how we can help you reduce your overheads by outsourcing your switchboard.

Lemon are full of fresh ideas to help your business. Talk to us Today.

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