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Outsourcing your Work-from-Home headache

For some people, working from home is the gift that keeps on giving.

Access to your own creature comforts; when getting dressed means putting on a tie with your pyjama bottoms, and access to all the snacks your fridge can hold.

For others, it’s more of a chore; squatting in a makeshift office; surrounded by attention-seeking kids and putting on weight.

And it’s the same for businesses. Some organisations have thrived sending their colleagues to work remotely while for others, it’s been nothing but a headache.

In one area we know well, customer service, the news of the latest lockdown was a real blow. The experience of previous orders to stay at home, told us that in many instances, demand for customer contact increases, while capacity to deal with those increases is reduced.

Many companies have struggled to meet the growing demand for contact services, due in part to limited time to plan how to manage a dispersed workforce, inadequate remote access, increased staff absence through sickness and technology challenges.

One solution is to outsource your call centre; a perfect antidote to the “work-from-home headache”.

Here’s five ways it’ll ease the pain:

  1. Contact centres have been able to focus on adapting their customer service to fit lockdowns so that you can focus on the core of your business.
  2. By providing training to our staff, we ensure that they are more than prepared to deal with the influx of voice and digital inquiries, so that you don’t have to.
  3. Outsourced contact centres invest in the most up-to date technologies and ensure that their staff are proficient in these technologies.
  4. Product knowledge is a key when answering a customer call, and we ensure that our team has the most up to date information.
  5. By embedding a strong customer service ethos, outsourced contact centres enhance customer service which facilitates satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Now that we are on lockdown three, we are aware of the trend of increased calls to contact centres during periods requiring that all non-essential staff work from home. Rather than struggle on with dispersed customer service teams, the ability to outsource this particular challenge allows businesses to focus on the other difficulties that they face during lockdowns.

We have learned over the past year that the customer service “work-from-home headache” doesn’t require painkillers, it needs a trustworthy and quality focused outsourced contact centre.

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