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How Lemon could help you achieve a better work/life balance

A better work-life balance is something that we are all keen to achieve. Today, more than ever, we are juggling responsibilities at work, home and in our personal lives. As a business leader you may be used to (and even thrive on) the pressures of workloads within your organisation, but you might also be looking to spend more quality time with friends and family and that is where Lemon can help.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your calls including greater efficiencies and streamlined processes and these could also include:

  1. Free up time. You can allocate your time to other areas of your business (or personal life) safe in the knowledge that your calls are handled and taken care of professionally and efficiently.
  2. Out of Hours cover. At Lemon our Contact Centre operates 24/7, meaning that you and your teams won’t be disturbed out of hours. Your calls will be managed as an extension of your business, following your processes.
  3. Scalability. We can provide dedicated or shared agents based on your demand, working as a true extension of your business. We would work with you to manage any peaks in demand, taking care of the demand planning and any recruitment issues for you.
  4. Visibility and control over your data. You can have total confidence in your data-driven decision making as we can provide you with a bespoke live dashboard reporting tool that you can access 24/7. As we also integrate with your systems and portals, efficiencies can be made by avoiding double keying of work and you can have total peace of mind that your call data is accurate and up to date.
  5. Cost savings. Many of our current clients have found cost savings due to outsourcing their calls. Our highly skilled agents would work with you to ensure that staff are trained to the highest standards on your processes and systems giving you the freedom to focus your resources elsewhere.
  6. Improved Customer Experience. Our onmichannel contact centre is equipped with the communication tools needed to provide your customers the highest level of service. Call, Email, Live Chat and Instant Messaging are just some of the ways that your customers can communicate with your business.

If you would like to discuss Lemon can help support both you and your business, contact our Client Engagement team who will be happy to arrange a meeting.

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