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How Lemon aids Business Continuity during COVID-19

As the whole business world takes unprecedented measures to control the COVID-19 virus, Lemon have seen first-hand how businesses have ignited their crisis management and contingency plans. Having a business continuity plan in place is absolutely critical during such times and COVID-19 has exposed how many organisations are vulnerable in the event of a crisis.

For some business sectors, the challenges are literally about survival, for others the challenges focus on maintaining operational continuity, whilst to the other extreme, some business have had to manage huge spikes in demand for their services or products. The situation couldn’t be any more volatile.

Many businesses are wisely looking ahead, and working out how their business will look in the ‘new norm’. To this end, business owners and leaders will need to think about strategies they can use to not only survive, but to thrive and how their business model might need to change to be able to quickly take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves post lockdown.

As a leading business outsource provider, Lemon’s services can form a key part of these new strategies, allowing your businesses to be agile and respond quickly to changes in demand.

Just some of the ways Lemon can assist your business:

  • Provide 24/7 or out-of-hours call management, freeing your staff to focus on core activities
  • Supporting admin workload, allowing your staff to return on a gradual basis
  • Act as an overflow to manage fluctuating calls and contacts in to your business
  • Enable your company to reduce costs by outsourcing business processes
  • Support business continuity by providing invaluable additional resource
    to help answer your calls during any unexpected short or long term
Lemon’s services allow businesses to be agile and respond quickly to changes in demand

An example of how Lemon can help in such times is provided by a large UK engineering client. During the pandemic, office staff were furloughed and Lemon began taking their emergency calls 24/7. Call levels increased from 1000 - 4000 per month and Lemon were able to facilitate as close as possible to ‘business as normal’. Without having Lemon as a core part of their business continuity plans, the impact to the business would have proved potentially catastrophic, not only in financial terms but also the impact to their vulnerable customers and their reputation as a class leader.

Consider the following questions:

  • Is your business safe should another spike in COVID-19 arise?
  • What plans do you have in place to manage fluctuations in demand?
  • Are there non-core activities that could be outsourced to save cost and make your operation more agile?

Lemon are the perfect business outsourcing partner with a service built on quality and trust. Not only are Lemon UKAS certified for ISO9001 and ISO27001, to give assurance of the quality of the service and that client data is always safe and secure, but they also work towards ISO22301 standards for business continuity, so the service will always be there, even in the event of a pandemic!

Contact Lemon today to discover how we can assist you with your business continuity plan.

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