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Heatwave boom set to be lost within the air conditioning industry

The UK’s £1.6B air conditioning industry risks missing out on its busiest summer yet due to the country’s recruitment crisis, suggests Lemon Contact Centre COO, Jennifer Cummins.

As the Met Office predicts a record heatwave with temperatures expected to reach in excess 40 degrees, there are concerns that the industry’s ability to deliver ongoing maintenance contracts, complete ad-hoc repairs and new installations will be limited.

The UK’s current recruitment crisis has left more than one million job vacancies unfilled, making it difficult for air conditioning businesses to keep up with increased demand during the summer peak season. Jennifer Cummins is warning that air conditioning businesses may lose out on valuable business if they are unable to provide the level of service expected during this critical period.

Jennifer said: “The most important thing for businesses that work on seasonal cycles is making the most of the peak periods. This summer is expected to be the hottest on record, while, at the same time, the UK experiences a huge shortage of workers, especially in administrative roles – meaning that air conditioning businesses could miss their opportunity to make hay while the sun shines.

“Proper scheduling of visits, triaging repairs and dealing with inbound queries can take up time that could be spent out on the job. These are all things that contact centres can support.”

Lemon Contact Centre provides tailored outsourced contact centre services, offering businesses the flexibility to increase or decrease their customer service support based on their requirements. By outsourcing their contact centre services, air conditioning businesses can free up resources to focus on delivering high-quality services to their customers, while Lemon Contact Centre handles their customer enquiries.

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