Customer service journey

Customer expectations have never been higher - are you keeping up?

In the fast paced, ever changing world we live in, it is no surprise that customer experience has changed phenomenally over the past few years.

Customers are now much more demanding, and rightly so.

Customers want brands now to be available at their convenience, not what's convenient for the company.

This is truly the era of Digital Transformation

As little as 3 years ago most companies provided customer support by using one tool - the humble telephone. Having just one means of communication however in the modern age simply won't cut it anymore

Today customers also want support when they visit your website, by social media, via email and SMS. You need to be ready to respond in real time on your customers’ channels of choice. The customer is armed with the power of knowledge at their fingertips 24/7 and is now in the driving seat. If businesses don’t meet their customers’ needs, there is always another company that will - just one click away.

When you can address customer issues quickly, on the channel of their choosing, you create better experiences and happier customers. Happier customers are more likely to tell others about their experiences. Customers also share their experiences they have had with organisations through social media - both positive and negative. And these messages can reach far and wide.

Not only do customers expect to be able reach you using a multitude of platforms, what’s more, their expectations are incredibly high and they expect a consistent level of service across all these channels and touch-points.

Good customer service is no longer enough. Customers want an emotional connection with companies and if they don’t receive an experience that meets their expectation, they are likely to switch brands. Customers want to feel valued and looked after throughout the customer journey.

So, we know that customer's behaviour is changing, what then as a business can you do about it?

Organisations must adapt to meet increasing customer expectations. Those who are flexible and respond to customer evolution have a competitive advantage over those businesses that don’t.

However for most businesses, employing staff 24/7 across all channels is simply not a viable solution economically or practically.

Utilising the services of an outsourced partner such as Lemon, however, allows an organisation to benefit from utilising the very latest technology, that may be well beyond their reach financially otherwise, in order to enhance the customer experience. Technology now enables you to follow the conversation everywhere. It turns calls, emails, chats, social comments and instant messages into a seamless conversation, all within a single tool. You can stop thinking communication channels and start thinking experiences, whenever and wherever a customer needs you.

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