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Avoiding the costly impact of the EU’s security ruling

Post Brexit, businesses need to look into onshoring their contact centres to avoid the potential high costs of Brexit rulings on data security adequacy in June.

When Britain left the EU on 31 December 2020, it did so with a UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement that allowed for the free flow of personal data until June 2021. The delayed deal on the sharing of personal data means that the UK will be subject to the EU’s data security adequacy ruling in three months. If deemed inadequate, it could cost British businesses more than £1billion.

Brexit has been difficult for data sharing businesses, such as those with offshored contact centres. Now the uncertainty of not knowing the ruling for the UK’s data security adequacy could lead to unforeseen expenses for many British businesses.

To prepare, it is important that businesses look closer to home for their data sharing services. Many UK call centres, like Lemon, have taken Brexit and the pandemic to further improve and update their services and can provide a solution to the costly uncertainty with the EU’s adequacy ruling.

Onshoring is the process of sourcing or relocating the operations of a business within national borders.

Many British companies have already started moving their customer engagements for improved customer experience and now also to avoid the high costs that a rejected data adequacy ruling from the EU may bring.

Onshoring contact services can save British businesses time, money and stress due to Brexit. Similarly, using contact centres, such as Lemon, can allow a firm to flex production, meet market needs and provide a more personalised service than their overseas alternatives.

As Britain parts ways with our European friends and neighbours, it's important that we give thought to where out business data is located and, if outside the UK, take action to ensure it is repatriated accordingly.

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