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5 Warning Signs You Need To Outsource

Like many, you are probably re-evaluating the way your business works and considering modes of operation that you would never have considered a possibility before.

Homeworking is now the new norm, with businesses around the world realising that it is not only a viable option, but it is actually a more efficient way of working for the employer and employee alike. Exactly the same can be said for outsourcing.

The pandemic has shone a light on this highly efficient and effective business model.

Outsourcing can enable you to reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve your customer’s journey by getting dedicated professionals to complete certain aspects of your business process.

So should your business consider outsourcing? The answer could well be ‘yes’ if any of the following criteria apply to your business.

1. You’re worried about your business functioning during another spike…

You will be wisely looking ahead and thinking about how you could cope in the event of a second wave. By utilising outsourcing in your operation, including your customer calls, you can ensure that your business is versatile and can still service your customers in the event of another spike or local lock-down.

2. You need to cut costs without affecting service levels…

We all need to be more efficient. By outsourcing of non-core business activities, such as a switchboard, you can save many thousands in Opex and Capex expenditure, whilst simplifying your operational model, leading to greater efficiencies and even a higher quality output. And with outsourcing you also only pay for what you use.

3. You are missing precious revenue with missed enquiries…

At present, every customer and every pound counts. Many businesses are in a battle to keep existing customers, so missing potential new customers is a definite faux pas. BT suggests that 85% of people never call back. If you don’t answer, your customer will simply move on to your competitor. Use outsourcing cleverly by overflowing those calls you would otherwise miss.

4. You can’t provide the level of customer service you aspire to…

The simple matter is that dealing with the same level of customers (or more!) with less staff is simply not possible without affecting the customer experience. Outsourcing can give you a cost effective solution by adding additional, flexible, resource to your workforce.

5. Your employees are performing multiple roles…

You might find yourself in a situation where your team are taking on more and more tasks, as you have had to cut numbers. This could ultimately lead to employee burnout that can badly affect the welfare of your employees as well as your customer service. You could use outsourcing to lift some of that heavy load and remove the pressure and stress, whilst simultaneously improving your customer experience.

Outsourcing can give your team the bandwidth to focus on all the core activities that won you your customers in the first place.

Many businesses like yours are finding that outsourcing can offer them greater efficiency and improved quality of service, with lowered Capex and Opex expenditure. So, is it time to consider outsourcing as an essential part of your business plan post COVID-19?

Author: Peter Rabbage

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