5 signs that you and your current BPO are not aligned

Five signs that you and your BPO are not aligned.

You’ve spent months finding the perfect partner to manage your calls, it’s taken a lot of time and financial investment but now you fear it isn’t working as well as it should be.

It is crucial that you and your BPO are well aligned and in synergy with your business needs and objectives. You need a BPO that you can trust and rely on, working as a true extension of your business.

1. Poor Communication

Communication is vital in any relationship and especially true in this partnership. If you are experiencing frequent mis-communication, delays in response times or difficulties getting the message across, then there is an issue that needs resolving. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, poor customer service and even a loss of custom. You need a BPO who understands your business from the outset, who holds regular review meetings with you and works with you.

2. Lack of visibility and reporting

Transparency is key within a successful relationship. Your BPO provider should understand your business needs and be able to provide you with accurate up to date information when you need it. At Lemon, we understand how important it is for you to have full access to call data, including call volumes, duration and any abandonment rates, without it you can’t make the real-time data driven decisions needed to move your business forward.

3. Poor (Customer) Service

Providing excellent customer service is a priority for many businesses and if your BPO is providing a poor level of customer service then you could lose your customers and revenue. Your BPO should act as a true extension of your business, offering the same high standards that you would expect from your own teams. If this isn’t happening then this is a strong sign of misalignment.

4. Dissimilar goals and objectives

Both parties should be working towards shared goals and objectives that are agreed on from the start. Your BPO should support your business every step of the way and work as an extension of your team. If your current BPO has different priorities or focuses on metrics that are not matched to your business then you are not in synergy.

5. Mismanaged Escalation Process

Efficient escalation processes are critical for handling complex customer issues. If your BPO is unable to follow your agreed escalation process, this will result in delayed resolutions, damage to your reputation, frustrated customers, and depending on the nature of your business, it could be life threatening. At Lemon we understand the importance of following set escalation processes to ensure that issues are resolved as effectively as possible with no damage to reputation or danger to safety.

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