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Meet our Training and Quality Assurance Manager, Amanda

At the heart of Lemon lies its people, a team of over 100 operators who work with dedication and passion to provide exceptional customer service to a similar number of clients around the clock - 24/7 365 days a week.

With over 100 clients based in the UK and Europe from a range of sectors including FM and Care, Lemon work as a seamless extension of their clients business ensuring that client processes and procedures are followed and that they always receive the best level of customer service.

To ensure a high standard of quality for clients, Lemon implements robust, comprehensive and bespoke training plans for each client as part of the onboarding process and training and quality assurance is a continuous process throughout – clients can trust Lemon to continuously look after their customers and follow their processes.

Leading the team of training and quality assurance assessors at Lemon is Amanda Cargill, Training and Quality Assurance Manager, a relatively new addition to the Lemon team but no stranger to quality assurance and the vital role it plays within business.

Name – Amanda Cargill

Role at Lemon Contact Centre – Training and Quality Assurance Manager

How long have you worked at Lemon Contact Centre?

I started working at Lemon at the end of November but I have vast experience in managing quality assurance departments across a range of industries.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

In a nutshell - lots of training plans so our wonderful training team can ensure that we have the right people trained at the right time to support your business. From initial training plans for new clients to ongoing training and support as part of the quality assurance process, we ensure that operators have a full and thorough understanding of your business and your processes, giving you total peace of mind that your business is in safe hands.

We also work with clients and provide ongoing quality assurance, we operate with full visibility and transparency and that is key when it comes to trust. We regularly review and monitor calls to ensure quality assurance and these call recordings are also shared with clients. This can result in refresher training if required or a whole heap of praise for a job well done. We regularly receive positive feedback form clients on how well a particular call has been handled and that’s always wonderful to hear.

Why is this role important?

Ongoing training and quality assurance ensures that we get it right. It enables us to deliver what we say we will, so clients remain happy with the support they receive from us.

What do you like about your job?

I love the variety, every day is different. As a team we adhere to policies and procedures but each client is different and each operator is an individual. Seeing people learn is a very rewarding part of the job, watching people grow and develop during training and see their confidence grow is something that just can’t be matched.

Tell us something that we might not know?

I’m a huge thrill seeker and love a rollercoaster!

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